Kids' Potential from Hamid Afyouni on Vimeo.

We love you, Kids' Potential. The patience and warmth of your teachers is fabulous. We are indebted to you. My son can be stubborn at times, yet you always managed to get him engaged in learning. Thank you!

Lisa K.

My child was struggling in school. His motivation was gone and he resisted going to school every morning. He was becoming depressed and his teacher had no idea how to deal with the situation. After attending Kids Potential sessions for one month, my son is now enthusiastic about learning, going to school, and is happier overall. Thank you for saving my son!

Bill J.

Doing homework was always a struggle in our home. My daughter refused to do any homework and it was taking its toll on her grades and the peace in our home. We were very frustrated. A friend suggested Kids Potential. Going to Kids' Potential was the best decision we ever made. Our daughter does her homework now and harmony has been restored in our home. Thank you Kids' Potential.

Mary K.

I was terrified about taking the SAT. I had read a lot of test prep books but was still confused and felt lost. I was afraid to go to Kids' Potential because I thought the Foundation program was only for kids who couldn't learn. I was totally wrong. A few of my friends did great on the SAT after going to Kids Potential I decided to give it a shot. I am glad I did. I just took the test and feel very confident. Thanks Kids' Potential!

Megan W.